Osiana Rose

The Osiana Rose is still in production?  I was surprised today when I got an email from one of my flower sources that Osiana is the rose of the week.  This one brings back memories for me because it is one of the first South American roses that I loved when I first started doing flowers over16 years ago.  Osiana is a delicate peach rose, with the petals very soft texture and low petal count.  They would open fast.  That was a fairly novel thing back in the day when we were used to “bullet” roses that never opened. 

Osiana Rose

Osiana Rose


2 thoughts on “Osiana Rose

  1. Do you know where the champagne (not peach) Osiana can be purchased (the plants, not the cut flowers). Thank you.

    • Normally flower plants that are bred for commercial production of cut flowers are not normally available through garden centers. For example, giant rose grower, Jackson & Perkins, actually has a huge catalog geared toward commercial flower growers. All these plants are completely different than those that J&P carries for the gardening trade. Not sure why. My first guess would have something to do with the breeding of the plant, given that it’s use in a cut flower field versus a home garden are much different. Secondly, there is probably some propreitary limitations on plants grown for use in the cut flower biz.

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