Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses

Somebody in the gown business told me just yesterday that they did not think there was a market for pre-owned gowns.  I was like “are you kidding”?     You might think eBay, but there is s.t. even better:

Here is one of my favorite new offerings, and Amsale for $2000



As you know, many gowns can be altered and sized down to fit.  Get a great seamstress and the possibilities of sizing this 14 ( street size 8. ) down to a street 2 should not be a problem. 

One thing, if you are looking to sell a gown on such a site, you have to be careful.  I have heard of one story of a guy who targets pre-owned gown sellers and asks to come to their home to see the merchandise, makes them try it on and rapes them.  Awful story, but true.  It took three incidences before they caught the guy.  So be careful out there, don’t put your gown on Craig’s list!

I also was thinking about the stories of these gowns.   I am sure new brides would wonder.  Afterall, there are some that beleive in luck and an object that is mired in bad luck may not  be something they want association with.  My husband bought me a new engagement ring, but we chose an estate diamond.  I am not really superstitious so I just thought it was cool that the diamond had history.  Antique rings however, may not have the same assocaitions as used dresses though…   To answer the question.  I think there are a few possibilities of how these pre-owned gowns are now for sale. 

The first is that they are a happily married bride that does not hold onto her gown because she is not the sentimental type, just practical.  The second may be that the wedding did not work out and she now wants to cash in on it since the sentiment is lost.  Another is that she bought more than one gown and wants to unload the first (it happens!).  The final is that her wedding was cancelled and she has the gown at the store with a deposit on it and wants to pay the rest down after her wedding was cancelled, but she would lose the gown to the store if she does not pick it up.  This final case is probably the ones that have “never been tried on, never worn”.


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