Latest Book Reviews

I am very pleased at the recent book reviews over the holidays for  my book  Bouquet Chic. 

Thanks to Kelly McWilliams whose got one of the most entertaining and readable blogs out there for her great review:

photo: Kelly McWilliams of Weddings by Sociatlies.

What is great about all the feedback that I am getting about the book is that everyone has a different favorite idea from the book.  Normally I pick up any other book and there is one or two obvious “great” designs, with few exceptions.  My goal was to make sure I touch on many different styles for every bride, while keeping things new, fresh -and yet classic,  so I hope that that goal has been achieved.   I have been on the forefront of many floral trend in my career and saw them come and go but I never mind because what keeps me going is knowing that I can continue to innovate and contribute to the bridal lexicon.  Thanks to Kelly for her voice and recognition of the book!


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