The truth about yellow

Citron and sunny yellow are supposed to be a hit color this coming season.  I personally love all shades of yellow, but certain shades of it are really hard to pull off for bridesmaids, so be careful.  I think it’s popularity is there, but may be limited in the bridemaids dress category because of this.  Butter yellow is an easier color to pull off for most skin tones, but not in the “hot” category like the sunnier shades.    This makes the color slightly more limiting.  Most shades of yellow go with white or ivory dresses, but those shades with greenish undertones match primarily white bridal dresses.  White flowers are particularly beautiful with yellow bridesmaids dresses.  Also really dark contrasts for drama.  I can think of a few fun ones here, but I won’t giveaway too many of my secrets.

For metallics gold is still the it color in weddings.  I think that means we have to start doing silver again *wink*.

A longer lasting trend, IMHO is the blue ranges this season.  One of the best colors that is most flattering for the widest range this season is still the ultra swanky bright blue or even dark midnight blue.   Orange flowers are a great choice here. 

If trendy is what the bride wants the bright, preppie golf or kelly green is another fab choice.  This is my personal favorite choice of the season.  It is a bright green on the blue side.  Perfect if the bride is wearing white rather than ivory.  Again, since I like it, I am not sure of the staying power of this one.  With greens, there is always a different shade in style each year, previously the green was more limey, and clearly now it is much more of a grass green, that’s why I call it golf green.    The flower palattes for this bridesmaids’ dress choice are endless.


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