More Marriage Less Wedding in a Recession?

Well we don’t know until we see the statistics.   But anecdote will suffice for now.  I am clipping stories on this very subject and adding the links here.   It seems that the majority of couples are effected by the economic downturn, those with little will spend less, those in the middle are being cautious, while those with a lot don’t want to flaunt it.   Other articles say there is no slowdown at the top.  Getting a read on the vendors is even harder than the brides.  Some vendors are cautious to say business is worse, because it can become a self-fulfilling statement if you tell the New York Times or the local newspaper that you are not booked up, couples reading this may expect more discounts from their vendors.    I do beleive that some good vendors are keeping good pace, and these are the times where the good and experienced vendors are seperated from the bad. 

I listed some more stories below.. and don’t you love the photo?  It actually would be cheaper for you to make the bouquet below rather than buy one…that is unless you use 100 notes.  Bridesmaids would dive for this bouquet at the toss.    lol. 

Erin Patrice OBrien for TIME; Origami Roses by Tony Cheng / Origami USA

photo credits: Erin Patrice O'Brien for TIME; Origami Roses by Tony Cheng / Origami USA

New York Times Article:   Couples priorities change with economic downturn. 

West Virginia article says large attendance and vendor bookings show a recession proof, but many brides interviewed are saying they are cutting back.

Time Magazine Article

New York Daily News:  Supplies a few hard facts, and some anectdotes.

A few anectdotes in the media is never a pure science and the media loves anectodotes.   I’ll keep posting new articles on this subject.   What I do expect in the numbers is that the average amount spent on weddings will drop again this year as it did in 2008.  Right now the average amount spent nationwide on a wedding is $28k.   There will also be that number that reports total consumer spending in the category of weddings, which ranges greatly, somewhere on the low-estimates around 70 billion.   Despite spending, it will be interesting to see how many wedding licences are issued, and if that is a growing figure.  From the Time article, it seems that couples may not have the big wedding, but according to one pastor’s anectdote, they ran to the alter last year to get that tax break or take advantage of employer benefits for spouses.   Will “more marriage less wedding”  be the new trend?  The predictions on says number of weddings will be flat through 2009.  We shall see if this prediction remains true. 

Numbers and statistics can be found at the


7 thoughts on “More Marriage Less Wedding in a Recession?

    • I visited your blog, very fun to follow your wedding plans! Do you see yourself cutting back on your wedding, either from internal or external pressure because of the recession?

  1. I saw this pic in time magazine and loved it. It turns out real origami flower bouquets are about $225. Cheaper to go to the deli and buy two dozen roses for $12. 🙂

    • Origami flowers are so much cheaper. I mean if you are ok to have the flowers folded by “unknown” folders:).Have you tried

  2. I don’t think the recession is stopping couples from tying the knot, but the savvy ones are definitely belt-tightening and being more careful with their wedding dollars. As a professional wedding officiant, while we’ve seen our overall bookings continue to increase in 2009, we’ve also seen a slight decrease in the number of couples booking our higher end custom ceremonies in favor of our pre-written, but still beautiful pre-written and elopement ceremonies.

    Personally, I think it’s refreshing! Anyone can have a memorable wedding if they simply throw money at it. But it’s a special couple that throw creativity and imagination into their wedding day and create a day that they will cherish for a lifetime!

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