“The Ultimate Bridal Shower Idea Book” is the Ultimate!

I have been in the wedding business for over 15 years and I know a heck of a lot  about decorating but  I simply don’t know anything about planning a good party.  That’s why I turn to Sharon Naylor’s experience as an author of so many great books on wedding and party planning.  Her new book The Ultimate Bridal Shower Idea Book is a new favorite of mine.

When it comes to showers you probably would do what I would do and go online and sift through all the random newsgroups and blogs.  But what stuff to trust?  Beleive me this book is much easier and I can totally envision myself planning a great shower after this read.  I don’t even watch the Oscars, but the Oscar themed shower in the book is my absolute favorite!   (complete with acceptance speeches, swag bags and paparazzi on the red carpet).   It is packed with so many creative ideas (along with the classics) that your party will be sure to be unique and above all, entertaining for every guest in attendance. 

 Naylor also is a trustworthy source for those tidbits on social graces and ettiquette when planning a party in which I always look for help on.  In each party scenario,  from invitations, to food, to games, to gift opening and favors, the party focus always remains all about the guest of honor -the bride (or the bride and groom for coed showers) -and how to make this time in her life very memorable and special.  

Five out of Five Stars *****

-Kimberly Aurora Kapur


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