Flowers for Valentines -Tips for Guys

Here is a rare tip directed at the men in the audience.  For the women, leave this blog up on the screen as a hint drop if he is to use the computer where you left off.  This is my expert advise on what to get your significant other for Valentines Day.  FLOWERS.  Don’t fall for the teddy bear or pajama-gram infomercials.  Flowers are still and always will be the best Valentines gift.    I’ll make it very easy for you by listing some of the best choices online.  Before I get into the online choices I will let you know that I still think it is better to patronize your local florist.  Your local florist, being not affiliated with some mass network such as FTD or Teleflora.  Order ahead (like today) to ensure that you actually get the best flowers, also walk-in to the florist to order rather than by the phone.  The  reason why is that if the florist that is actually going to make the bouquet for your actually meets you, he or she will be able to put a face on the order and give your order that extra TLC.  Beleive me, florists do remember such customers.  Also order today because florists generally pre-order all the flowers and whatever else is ordered in addition to the amount of flowers needed to fill pre-orders is usually not sufficient to fill the demand of a line of guys waiting in line last-minute at the florist’s cashwrap.   You may be stuck with a piece of fern or some substandard chocolates or balloons if you wait until the day of.   

The next consideration is where to present the flowers.  It is the most romantic to hand deliver them in person, either at dinner or before dinner when you pick her up.  If you have the flowers delivered, have it delivered to her office instead of her home.  As evil as it sounds, some women absolutely love to rub in their special delivery to their co-workers.  Valentine’s is on Saturday this year, so if you want to deliver to the office, do it on Friday.  Monday is unacceptable!

Another reason why having flowers done locally rather than online is all about presentation.  And for Valentines Day, presentation is usually everything.  A local florist can arrange a beautiful bouquet in a vase and it is care-free.  The flowers have been professionally prepped and will ensure a long-lasting bouquet.  A box coming direct from the grower will often be just that – a box of flowers wrapped in cardboard with the vase left seperate.  The recipient is left to condition and arrange the flowers that she receives.  In other words, the flowers do not come like you see them in the photo.  There is a way to avoid this with online ordering -you can order from a source that works through affiliate local florists.  This would be the compromise from ordering directly from your boutique florist.  Just note however, that you don’t get to choose the affiliate florist, the Network will choose the closest associated florist.   This may be a good thing or a bad thing.  For one you get the presentation, but on the flipside, the network company gets a chunk of the florist’s profits and can often result in a substandard product (you might get skimped some flowers from what the photo shows.)   I’ll give you a few tips below on what to tell the operator taking your order.

With all that said, I have some choices that I picked from the top online sources.  These choices are based on style and feasability.  In other words, I chose designs that were easy to make but elegant so that the florist would have less of a chance to screw it up.  Here are my tops:


The reason I chose this bouquet is because tulips are beautiful, but they can look like a cheap cop-out to roses if given alone.  This is an elegant way to present tulips -with classic red roses.  Your order will be made by a Teleflora affiliate store. Rest assured, this bouquet is easy to make. Make sure you tell them not to substitute cheaper ribbon (I can totally see a florist cutting that corner). Tell them you want a similar wired French taffeta that is shown!


Again this will be made by an affiliate florist.  This bouquet make a bold yet classic statement.  The use of buplerum is beautiful for color and texture.  The pittosporum makes a lovely spicy scent.  The vase is a classic shape made of glass, not plastic, that she would want to use again.  Buplerum is common, but just in case you should specify a substitute.  Make sure you tell them to use seeded eucalyptus if they are out of buplerum.  That way you won’t end up with baby’s breath as the substitute.


I don’t know much about this website.   This is a really pretty bouquet though and it would be perfect if it is being delivered to an office or hotel room because it would sit perfectly on a desk or bedside.  There are a couple of really pretty substitute ideas on the bottom of the product page.  Just remember – don’t over do it.  Skip the mylar balloon or teddy bear upgrade.


On a budget?  She will never know with this bouquet.  Make sure you get the red vase upgrade for $11.99.  This is the real statement.  Just note that spray roses are only half the size of a normal rose.  This bouquet will not be huge, but it is simple and sweet and shows your good taste. 
If you have to get flowers not in a vase, opt for orchids because they are easier to care for and arrange simply in a vase than roses. A few sprays of dark pink cymbidium orchids are elegant and luxurious. 
For mothers and grandmothers I would go for potted plants.  Orchids, Mini Calla lilies, minature roses or cyclamen. 
For your daughter, child through teen, carnations are fun and innocent.  I love the smell.  Here is a great bouquet for your daughter:


Be sure to get the polka dot vase.  Perfect for a tweensters bedroom.  ProFlowers is one of those sites that sends direct from the grower so the flowers will not be arranged. Carnations are very easy to plop in a vase so I would recommend this. 
Finally if you have to go for alternatives to flowers or you want to put an add-on.  The best would be of course, jewelry.   I would recommend a piece from Judith Ripka at Nordstrom.  It is beautiful and elegant, and most of Ripka’s  pieces can be worn daily rather than just in the evening.
  • Juidth Ripka Necklace from Nordstrom $350


A great add on to flowers would be a beautifully scented candles.  I have some gorgeous ones on sale on my website (order today to ship via priority mail).


Finally  a spa basket from your local spa or perfume (if you are unsure, be sure to get help from the sales associate at a  dept. store like Nordstrom, Sak’s, Macy’s or Nieman Marcus).  

2 thoughts on “Flowers for Valentines -Tips for Guys

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. Flowers are the best Valentine’s Day gift anyone could receive. I think your ideas are very interesting. Last month we published a newsletter The Secret of the Ultimate Valentines Day Gift which had several flower and gift ideas that you might be interested in. The most important thing is to order your Valentine’s Day flowers from a real local florist; this will ensure that your order is designed and delivered with care and quality. I love your idea of hand delivering the flowers. It is a very romantic idea.

  2. Thanks for sharing the tips for guys about flowers for valentine and like your idea of hand delivering the flowers that is very very romantic and appreciated.

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