Book Review : The Bride’s Survival Guide by Sharon Naylor -A GEM!

There are many books that tell you what you should do and planners that guide you step by step on how to plan a wedding, but nobody talks about the mistakes that actually happen.  The Bride’s Survival Guide is so unique because instead of telling you about what the perfect wedding looks like, author Sharon Naylor spells out all the pitfalls along the way to planning the perfect wedding.  The mistakes eventually add up in terms of time, money and most importantly could cost you important relationships.  This book names 150 things to avoid for the perfect wedding.  For paying the small price of this book (around $10 on amazon) you will save thousands on your wedding!

I really wish I had this book when I was planning my wedding.  I cringe reading some of the mistakes that I could of avoided.  The first half of the book is essential to read before you even sign that first check…!  I hope that you read this book so you don’t have to learn these things the hard way.  Being in the bridal business I expected to know all the lessons already when I read it but I learned so much!   This book is an ABSOLUTE GEM and Naylor, also known as “America’s Foremost Wedding Author,” demonstrates again in The Bride’s Survival Guide her expertise! 

-Kimberly Aurora Kapur


Rating:  5 Yellow STAR



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