My White Seashell Bouquets on Etsy

I am ferverently working on shell bouquets.  When I started just a couple, I keep coming up with new ones.  Often I work on two or three designs at a time because when I get bored of one, I can move to the other.  I hate repetitive tasks.  So I design small elements of the bouquet and step away, when I come back to finalize, I start doing the repetitive task of making multiple flowers or wiring shells.  After I see how the element is developing, like a new silk flower design or an interesting combination of beads and shells, I will set it aside.  Later I will come back and start to put it together in little clusters that help me get a feel for what I want the final design to look like. 

 I have never made silk flowers from ribbon before but I am having a heck of a good time designing a bunch of them..  I just made a super luxurious carnation out of silk ribbon for my bouquet called Klasies on Etsy.    I am working on some cherry blossom flowers for my next design.  

Something tells me I should charge more for my work because the bouquets are so labor intensive, given that every element is wired and hand-sewn.  My bouquets are right above other shell bouquets in price and right under fully beaded flower bouquets, which require even longer to make.   We shall see.!

photo:  Kimberly Aurora,

photo: Kimberly Aurora,


3 thoughts on “My White Seashell Bouquets on Etsy

  1. can I buy one just like this one?? dont know what the hanndle looks like but i just like it with ribbon around it tight.. Im getting married in 5 there enough time??

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