Bouquet Chic Almanac; Series: Week 15

japanese_peonyThe wedding Almanac is a  weekly review of what’s in season for your wedding by Kimberly Auora Kapur, author of Bouquet Chic.  The almanac is based on availabilty in Seattle area.  Other regions will vary.

This is my first edition in a long, long time.  This feature was a favorite on my website  I am happy to bring this feature back because it brings the outdoors in.  Some of us don’t get the chance to notice the passing seasons.  One of the great pleasures of working in the flower business is to experience the seasons on a daily basis.  The availability of flowers follows a strict clock.  Sometimes that clock may be thrown off by unseasonable weather.

Week 15 in bloom:

First Bloom:  mid tulips, daffodils,  quince, camelia, magnolia grandiflora

Full bloom: muscari, daphne, early tulips, camelia, euphorbia, forsythia, pussy willow, dandelions 🙂  , plum blossom

In bud…coming soon!:  azalea, rhodedendron, lilac

going, going, fading blooms:  primrose.

Temp in Seattle:  This week is temperate in the 60’s.   As expected, April showers and mild temperatures.

Wedding tips for couples getting married in week 15:  There is an abundance of pinks, coral orange, yellow and bright blue from the muscari.   I would make late daffodils and early tulips the star of your event.  Both are inexpensive and abundant.  Blooming branches are great for large scale arrangements and centerpieces.

Remember to provide colorful umbrellas for your guests.  An umbrella theme for your event would be quite appropriate at this time of year from table umbrellas in an atrium to mini umbrellas in the cocktails.   Think pinks, corals and yellows.

Here is a bouquet that is perfect for a Week 15 wedding.  Daffodils with feather flowers:

photo: Kimberly Aurora

photo: Kimberly Aurora

Best Wishes to All,


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