Bouquet Chic Almanac; Series: Week 16

The wedding Almanac is a  weekly review of what’s in season for your wedding by Kimberly Auora Kapur, author of Bouquet Chic.  The almanac is based on availabilty in Seattle area.  Other regions will vary.


Week 16 in bloom:

In bud:  dogwood, single early lilacs, late tulips, guelder rose viburnum

First Bloom: wood hyacinth (bluebells), forget-me-nots, violets

Full bloom:  camelia, euphorbia, double cherry blossom, magnolia, mid tulips, late daffodils, armadaii clematis, early rhodedendron, korean viburnum, bleeding heart

going, going, fading blooms:  forsythia, quince, plum blossom, muscari, early tulips

Wedding tips for couples getting married in week 16:

Cherry blossom pink and lilac would be a beautiful combo.  Some  lilac from further south or early local lilac should be available.   Add pansies or violets for a really charming look.  Bridesmaids dresses in any hue of violet, lilac, wisteria or rose pink.  Add a splash of bright apple green from euphorbia or guelder rose viburnum.  Tie it together with green sashes made from green satin ribbon for the bridesmaids.


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