Bouquet Almanac; Series: Week 17

lilac_lavender3The wedding Almanac is a  weekly review of what’s in season for your wedding by Kimberly Auora Kapur, author of Bouquet Chic.  The almanac is based on availabilty in Seattle area.  Other regions will vary.

Week 17 in bloom:

In bud:  tree peony

First Bloom: dogwood, single early lilacs, late tulips, guelder rose viburnum  wood hyacinth (bluebells), forget-me-nots, violets, early clematis, lily-of-the-valley

Full bloom:  camelia, euphorbia, double cherry blossom, magnolia, wood hyacinth (bluebells), forget-me-nots, violets, late tulips, late daffodils, armadaii clematis, early rhodedendron, korean viburnum, bleeding heart, double muscari, english primrose, many types of azalea, calendula

going, going, fading blooms:  mid tulips

Wedding tips for couples getting married in week 17:

Again pink and purple are really dominant unless you want a splash of orange and yellow from late tulips and rannuculus.  You could do a full citrus color combination for your wedding.  Grape purple, watermelon pink, citrus orange, lemon yellow and kiwi green.   Wedding tip – forgo the typical evening fete, for a lovely afternoon wedding.  Spring afternooons are always so light and pretty- a great way to enjoy the bright colors that are available at this time.


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