New Beautiful Rose Gardens in California, wedding location

I was provided some gorgeous garden roses for my book Bouquet Chic from Ron Robertson, owner of Garden Valley Ranch in Petaluma, CA .  Ron Robertson is one of my long distance “facebook” friends and this morning he posted some photos of his beautiful gardens.  It turns out they host weddings at his beautiful gardens so I wanted to share with all you lucky brides in Northern California.   If you are in the flower business, Ron provides garden roses from one of his 10,000 flower bushes flown direct to you.  My favorite rose is called ‘Summer Fashion’ on page 14 of Bouquet Chic.  Ron tells me ‘summer Fashion’ is abundant in his gardens.    Be sure to check out  the site:

photo: garden valley ranch

photo: garden valley ranch

There is also a wonderful index of garden roses on the site.  Above is ‘Double Delight’, a wonderfully scented tri-color.  This is one I always drool over in the gardening catalogs.  Amazing!

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