Wedding Colors from the Trenches

Prints!  from Dessy Group.

Prints! from Dessy Group.

Here is my chance to report on the colors of weddings from the street.  What makes me the expert?  I find out what hundreds of brides are ordering in terms of ribbons and favors.  I also have reports from what brides are ordering for bm dress colors this year.  Here is the color report:

Purples : aubergine, wisteria, smoky purple

Blues:  deep teal, bright azure and bold cobalt

Yellow:  bright canary, autumn gold

Greens:  clover and bright melon green

Browns:  beigey creams, latte brown

Neutrals:  smokey grey

Pinks:  hot watermelon, fuchsia

Images and color predictions for 2010 to come…


4 thoughts on “Wedding Colors from the Trenches

  1. Hello! And thank you for sharing your wonderful works of art! I am an aspiring wedding floral designer in Atlanta, Georgia and I was wondering if you have any tips or suggestions on where to begin? Do you do workshops? Your visions are remarkable! I look forward to hearing from you!

    • Hi Veronica.

      Thanks for your comments. I have not been doing any workshops, but if you have a big group that wants one, than let me know! If you are just starting out I think it is best to learn from the best. Read books on floral arranging and then start putting together a portfolio. Find any wedding that you can do at first and put 200% of your effort into your first weddings so that you can have a portfolio to build business on. Network with wedding coordinators and others in the industry. Good luck!!


    • Great. Better to break the rules than follow them. Just because I report the trends does not mean sameness is good. It’s always best to go with your favorites and keep all the other factors in mind -location, time of day etc. !

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