Size of Bouquet to Order from My Etsy site RomanticFlowers

Size of Bouquet to Order from My Etsy site RomanticFlowers

Above: the typical four sizes of bouquets I make on my Etsy site, all grouped together. Left to right: junior bridesmaid 5″, bridesmaid 7″, bridal 8.5″, larger bridal 10″

I have noticed others posting bouquets and not depicting or detailing the size, which gives the buyer a false sense of value.  I advise you to note sizes when shopping.

Remember that I measure across the diameter (not around the bouquet). If you see a bouquet maker that lists their measurement around the bouquet, it does not give you a good visual, and it is typically pretty small.

All of my bouquets are  dome shaped styles, which means hemisphere.

How to pick?  I am posting this for my clients to reference.  I have also noticed other vendor’s construction quality of design is just a ball of foam with glue, not hand wired like my designs.  Hand wiring is the technique used by florists in making delicate blossoms and is an expensive labor intensive technique.  It allows for maximum flexibility and couture shaping of the design.  I love the style and dimension I can create with this technique.

My bouquets weight range from 1 lb to 4 lbs.  None of these weights are any heavier than a design done by handwiring fresh flowers.  If the bouquet is balanced and well designed, it will not be overbearing at the heavier weights.

All available at


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