Commitment to Originality

One of my customers asked me if I could make a bouquet for her, and I am always hesitant because I have this new originality mantra: 


I will not replicate others work, so please reference my works when we create something new.  I will create something one-of-a-kind for you as well.  My designs are originals, so I appreciate you shopping with the me, the original source.  Your appreciation and respect mean everything to this artisan.    My portfolio may be open, but please do not use my photos to get quotes from other vendors.  Please hire others on their own designs and merits.  This discretion helps small crafters like me keep originality flowing. Many, many, many thanks.

It turns out it is one of my designs.  A DIY site bootlegged my picture.  I guess I should have known.  I remember the day when I could control pictures because the internet actually felt small.  *sigh.*

I remember when my publisher asked me in 2005 why my customer needed my book when I just publish all my pictures for nothing on the internet.  Since then, I don’t have any of my pictures from the original gallery on the internet, but I loved sharing them.  I wonder when I will post them again.  I have published a few on Bouquet Chic’s Facebook with heavy watermarks.   I have a whole thread about intellectual property and design.  I don’t care about sharing.  I just want credit!   


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