Kimberly Aurora is author of Bouquet Chic : Wedding Flowers  for 160 Romantic Looks.

Please visit my destination shop at http://www.romanticflowers.etsy.com

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  1. I think your blog is a great resource for brides-to-be, and I’d like to add it to bridalguide.com’s new “Blogs We Like” section. In exchange, all you need to do is link to our site on your blog. If you’re interested or have any questions, just let me know.

    Thanks for your time. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

    • Thank you Genese and Bridalguide.com for the recognition! I thank you for adding my blog to your resources. All my best, Kimberly

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  3. Hi Kimberly,

    We’re doing a feature on bouquet details for the next edition of our bridal magazine, B Magazine, and was wondering if you would be interested in helping us. My email address is karen@bmagazine.ie. Drop me a mail whenever you can.

    Thanks, Karen

  4. Hi Kimberly, I love your site and am so excited to see all the amazingly beautiful flowers you have created. You are truly a gifted artist Kimberly!!! Please let me know your email as I would love to drop you a line and catch up. Congratulations on your great success!!! Jennifer Payment

  5. I love your bouquets and I am in a desperate situation with a wedding a little over two weeks away in Mexico. Is there anything you have in stock that you could either ship to NY, or if you are in Seatlle area, my cousin who lives there and is coming to the wedding could pick it up.

    Please let me know. 646.287.2993



  6. Hello,

    I found your site while searching Google and have found your website information and advice to be a very good fit for our visitors. As such, we are interested in buying advertising space on your home page https://bouquetchic.wordpress.com.

    Our budget is within $10/month. If you are interested, please send me your rate per month and PayPal information.

    If we are happy with your price we will send you the link details that you can place on your website and we will make the payments to the PayPal ID provided.

    Thanks for your time.



  7. ciao, vorrei sapere se sei interessata a fornire con i tuoi prodotti per una boutique italiana, penso che avrebbero molto successo perche’ da noi sono originali.
    mi potresti mandare un depliant con tutti i tuoi lavori e i prezzi all’ingrosso? grazie e complimenti.

  8. I am planning a destination wedding in Mexico. My colors are orange and turquoise. I love the simply white bouquet with the light turquoise ribbon. Is there a way to add more color in the shells with turquoise or orange beads? Or do you know any other way? Thank you! Kacy

  9. Hello Kimberly,

    I was looking through your book and I completely fell in love with the Gwen bridal bouquet, the one where a cotton lace doily frames each rose. Can you recommend a site where I can purchase the same type of doilies that you feature in that bouquet? If not, is there a site that explains how it is made? I would be very grateful and completely delighted!

    Thank you so much! –Dana

    • Actually, I just found that lace at a local fabric store. The fabric store I bought it from is called Pacific Fabrics and Crafts. It is “venetian lace” if you want to try to search on the internet.


  10. I bought wide ribbon from you back in the early 2000’s, but since you don’t offer it anymore, can you tell me a good supplier for double faced satin ribbon in wide widths. I absolutely loved what I received from you.

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